Our belief

Mate Advertising, LLC (hereafter 'Mate Advertising’) is an advertising broker and a full service advertising, marketing, digital and design agency based in North Miami Beach, Florida.

We conceive and deploy digital and traditional design, branding, print design, strategy, marketing and advertising. In addition to offering the best creative solutions, products and services, we market them through advertising, experiential marketing, branded content and interactive communications. We are creative and strategic thinkers. Therefore, we provide our clients not only with the creative and technical development but with the operational implementation and affordable publication since we are advertising brokers as well. We negotiate and secure various advertising mediums in bulk to resell them and to guarantee that our clients receive the most competitive rates within the industry. At Mate Advertising, we tie design, strategy and technology together to create interactive experiences that drive sales.

At Mate Advertising, we believe in integrated creative solutions that combine strategy, design, storytelling and technology to effectively communicate our client's brand and to achieve their business objectives. Whether our client is repositioning a product or launching a new one, our innovative interdisciplinary approach ensures connectivity across the traditional channels and digital platforms.

We understand that every client is unique and brings its own requirements to the table. Therefore, we strive to accomplish six main objectives while working for our clients: create innovative products and campaigns, build brand awareness, persuade potential customers of the values of our clients' products or services, drive sales or demand intent, create sales growth and keep expenses within the agreed budget. With a full range of services available, every one of our clients should be satisfied. However, we not only think creatively and develop interactive marketing solutions, we deliver results.

When we decided to create Mate Advertising, we opted to strive for the best services and pricing to offer to our clientele. Our goal is to offer an array of creative design, advertising, marketing and promotional services where each client has the ability to select the level of service required for their project or campaign. We provide services that range from corporate image, design and development, online and print identity, integrated design, illustration, marketing and corporate communication. Every client is sure to find their own fit in regards to need and budget. Our focus is the Hispanic market and media distribution through Spanish language media outlets. The State of Florida has been our company’s initial market of choice since we understand that we have great potential with corporate clients catering to the Hispanic audience. We understand that consumer behavior and purchasing decisions can be driven through insights about the culture that impacts a community. We have the experience and the knowledge to help our clients connect with their target audience. We believe that Mate Advertising can help our clients engage their desired audience in a culturally relevant and impactful way that generates tangible results.

Mission Statement

Mate Advertising will guarantee the most competitive prices, efficient services, specialized logistics, effective solutions and superior design and marketing strategies, and customer service and will assure that our customers, vendors, team members and industry are better off from having partnered with us.